7 Things you REALLY don’t need for your newborn!!

3Well..well..well…shopping would be the most favourite part of your pregnancy..even though you might have continuous back-ache or even if ur spouse feels impossible to take time out of his busy schedule..you would still manage to waste hours together going through the catalogue you would be handover as soon as you step into any baby store..!!

Well!Out of experience I feel that I should’ve never bought certain things..which obviously never came to any use…NEVER AT ALL!

So ladies,especially the first-time moms don’t waste your money and time on selecting and buying the following this!!

Mittens:Mittens!!what’s its use?!?Well I’m blank..can’t think of any proper use..expect for the first week..when your baby lying calmly without moving even her hands..only then will you be able to put ’em to any probable use..Later on you’ll be forced to remove it cos you don’t want your li’l one to end up sucking on one of the ’em!!!No! No!

Bibs: I’ll ask again…of what use??!!?You won’t be feeding your baby with any solid food until she’s six months old..then why buy bibs?!? I still have around 10-12 untouched bibs neatly arranged in my child’s cupboard..(Though I used two of them in past 3-4months)bibs300

Pacifiers:Yes!! Those cute colours and supercute designs did attract me..just like they would to any other first-time moms.But thankfully I bought only one(though my baby ne’er accepted it) lol pa

Bath book: Another thing thats absolutely a waste!! I agree that ‘the world’ is full of competition but there’s certain suitable time for everything! My kiddo hates bath books! Everything from soaps to shower to tub to water fascinates her but NOT those books! Try it out with your baby 😉 bb

Fancy shoes: Babies CAN’T walk!What’s the point in spending your valuable bucks on it?!? Your baby will not get on her feet until she’s about 10 months or so!! Better think if something more worthy??!!sh

Expensive breast pump: You don’t need this one if you’re staying with your baby all through the day and night.But if you are going to stay away from her for more than 7-8 hours..then this will turn out to be helpful:D bp

Teethers: Apart from her teethers my DD would teeth on everything she would manage to get her hands on!! They also contain toxic chemicals and may pose choking hazard to infants! Well! A fair reason to avoid ’em. t

Hope this information comes to your use!!
Happy shopping Mommy!! :D:D


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