Cloth Diaper Series: Diapering made easy!

Is your li’l one not yet ready for being potty-trained??When you are out baby-shopping,are you always eyeing for the “sale” on diapers??Is your diaper pail full of disposable diapers??
With so much going you still face the diaper rash issue??! Well then! Its time to change to cloth diapers! Indeed they are life-savers..atleast for my baby and me!! Yaay! πŸ˜€

A few months ago I was so much fed up for making my lil toddler suffer just cos i couldn’t find any proper solution for those harsh diaper rashes!! Poor me! So on the verge of finding one I started “google-ing” day and night! Yes!! day and night!

And then on “one-fine-day” I came cross this website that talks so much on cloth diapering!!And I was instantly impressed by the system..What more could a poor mom do!?

With a li’l more research…I decided that I should try it and so I looked on…and on and on for an authentic website that would serve the purpose in India and thankfully came to my rescue!

I bought Flip Day Pack Stay-Dry Cloth Diapers.This comes with two one-size covers(which means it could easily fit on babies from zero to two years) and 6 inserts!(Also adjustable to fit in from small to medium to large sizes depending on how old the baby is)flip2

Back then the whole pack was like Rs.3500/- (I dont remember the exact price).Now its available for Rs.4150/-(thanks to the IE) which is far more better than the amount spent on disposable diapers in two months!!


Another super amazing thing about these diapers is that..they are available in both snaps and loop enclosures.But I personally like the snaps!THey are so easy to handle and the bonus is that you can just throw them in your washer with a mild detergent! Give it an extra rinse if required! And your done!

Not many moms know about the advantages of cloth diapering here in India..and I was one among those!(Yes! a few months back) Though I’m yet to try it with my baby #2

And since my baby #1, a toddler is a heavy wetter! I use these for the day-time when she is like super-active and the disposable ones for the night(until I buy a few more)

Not just Flip or Bumgenius! there are so many different brands that offer wide varieties of cloth diapers!You can also try them out..but not many are available in India. Luckily has got a few of them!


Flip also offers an extremely wide range of colours!!

But if you have got anyone close staying in the can always ask them to ship down a few for you..I’m gonna do it soon!! πŸ˜‰

Hope this helps! And if I’m missing out on anything or if you’ve tried a better product..then don’t forget to comment below and share your reviews…I’ll be glad to learn it from you πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Cloth Diaper Series: Diapering made easy!

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  2. Is it wrong/ weird that I get uncommonly excited whenever I meet (virtual or in real life) a fellow baby- wearing, cloth diapering Momma?

    Great going Mama. May our tribe increase!

    • Absolutely not! πŸ˜‰ That’s just how I feel and may be every baby-wearing and cloth diapering mom will agree to it.
      And thank you so much for appreciating my work πŸ˜€

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