DIY Diaper Stash

During my last trimester I guess I was bit by the nesting bug!!! All I wanted to do was arranging,re-arranging and then arranging things all-over again!! (ofcourse its a mess again post-delivery)

However having both the kids in diapers lets you bring home so many packages of disposable diapers(for night) and CDs for day-time making it a huge mess.So I wanted an easy solution to stack them all up.

And also you should know that I’m a DIY freak! Hence the idea of making a diaper stash cropped up my mind!!

Its super-easy and wont cost you much!

Things you’ll need:

  • Cardboard box
  • Fabric
  • Adhesive

I used some old box that was lying in my store for quite a long time(somehow my heart never agrees on throwing away scrap items..Just incase I could make something useful out of it!! Luckily my mom also had some scrap fabric that I used for covering the box,making it a free-of-cost project!! Yaayy!! After all who wouldn’t want to save a bit?!? Atleast I do!!

So all I did was cut the fabric according to the measurements of the box,wrap it with the fabric, I also stitched a ruffle for that extra touch.

It looked something like this!


I covered both in and outside of the box with different colours of fabric!! (Sorry I dont have a pic of that.)

Anyways there it stands my super-cute diaper stash!! All efforts paid-off well!! 😀 😀



4 thoughts on “DIY Diaper Stash

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