“THAT” moment!


This morning I was giving my 21 months old a bath…and then I had this I-dont-know-what-to-do moment.While I struggled to stop her from splashing water all over me..she,all of a sudden grabbed the soap and took a huge bite and started chewing on it…oh no!

And all I could do was…do absolutely nothing….

As she starting choking…I,like any worried momma asked her to spit it out…then I asked her to gargle….How would a lil toddler even know how to gargle?!? Poor me!

And then my MIL comes in with my baby’s sipper in hand and like a super-intelligent granny..she sets me free off my trouble!!

Yet,there I sat..numb…watching my daughter nicely sip on the water…while she’s still in her tub! (I could only imagine the amount of lather going right into her tiny belly!!)

What a heck of a moment it was!!


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