A Scan To Remember ~~ The Little Thing’s Birth Story


                   Being pregnant has always been considered as the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life…and then some intelligent person introduced us to the concept of the ultrasound scan…yaayy!! Making the journey of pregnancy even more beautiful! 🙂

Like it would to any other expectant mom..ultrasound scans have always fascinated me…I just loved them! They bring out so many emotions, all at a time! Plus at the end of each session I would get to keep a super-cute picture of my unborn baby. 😀

With my second pregnancy..I had this ‘I-never-want-this-moment-again‘ moment. Yeah! You read it right. It was my last trimester scan as my OB had already told me about the ECS I was going to have! I was pretty much prepared to deliver in a couple of days!

And there we were at the diagnostics. And somewhere at the back of my mind I had noted down all the questions I was going to ask my radiologist about the baby (I was just too anxious! May be). I along with my DH waited patiently until it was our turn to meet the Doctor.

Everything was going on calm and smooth until my Doctor asked

Are you able to feel the movements?

And then she went on…looking very confused.

Did you even feel a single movement in the last week?

I’m not very sure of the baby’s development!

Why an ECS this early??‘.

Lying there speechless, I think I was able to answer with a yes only to her first question! They came in as an absolute shock to me! Why would any mother-to-be think of all this just 2-3 days prior to her delivery??!?

I asked to myself how on earth would I knowWhy would I even think of all that when I was ultra sure of the movements! But then that was when I learnt a lesson for life. Even the last trimester doesn’t offer a guarantee and there’s no such concept as finish line in pregnancy.

We had to wait for like 20 minutes..and there we had the reports in our hands. And all I could do was to the God to make things perfect for us! We tried figuring out the impressions made in the report…But no! we are no medicos! And all that we could understand was.. there was some sort of a bubble in the baby’s belly!!

That night we hardly slept for a minute..and then the very next morning my Doctor called up, she wanted to see me! Trust me only to things can scare the hell of you, a call from you mom and a call from your doctor.

Anyways we went on to see her. She pretty much convinced me that things were going to be fine! And the baby might have sipped in some amount of amniotic fluid!! And in case there is any casualty, she would soon be operated. I couldn’t imagine such a tiny human going under the knife.

And finally after a one long day and much longer night..I was all dressed and ready for the big moment. And like with the first time, the DH was there right by my side, through out the surgery holding my hand! In fact he kept giving me a running commentery of what was happening behind those green curtains!

So after half an hour or more ( I don’t remember exactly), I had this super cute angel in my arms. Yet another gift for lifetime! 😀

With so happening in just two days. One thing I can proudly say..All this has only increased our faith in the Almighty..I guess its absolutely true when they say….All that happens, happens for good!! 😀 


P.S: The scanned image is from my first trimester scan (for obvious reasons I didn’t want to display the actual images from the last scan).

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