What’s The Time?!

Its 1:30am and while I rock the Little Thing to sleep (yes she wants to be rocked all day and of course all night long..making my arms go sore) and watch the Big one peacefully dleep in her crib..I think of the busy days I have been having ever sonce the birth of the Little Thing. No!! moms with young little ones dont have afternoon-naps in their time-table!!

Recalling the things I do after waking up…
Feed the Little Thing……dress her up…..feed the Big Thing…….play along……and by the time I’m done with it…..the Little Thing is hungry agsin……and yes the cycle continues….!

Oh my God! Guess how life would look like after two more kids!!!? A more messy house?!?Over-loaded laundry bins?!? Ohhh nooo… I just dont want to think of it…not at least noe!!

Hmmm…Just a few random thoughts in the middle of the noght!! Ever heard this…an ideal mind’s a devil’s workshop!!? Yeah yeah I’m sure u did!!

Anyways I’ll come back agsin tomorrow to read this mail…oops! Sorry I mean..to read this post again…and please ignore my mostakes coz I’m half-awake!!

And yes the Little Thing has just fallen asleep!!
Night Night all!! šŸ™‚


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