Cloth Diaper Series: It’s Baby #2’s Turn!!

Hello there.. I’m back with yet another blog post on CDing… 😀 ( For all my mom-to-be and mommy-friends who keep appreciating my efforts xxx ).

Here, I have to admit that…the best thing about cloth diapers is their ability to be used and re-used again!! After having CDed the Big Thing for quite a few months now..I had this intense urge to try them with the Little Thing as soon as I could!!!


The Little Thing in her first CD!! ( Ignore the blurriness..she’s never stable )


….And it works good! (for both).

Plus I can use either one on either Things without worrying much!! And yes…. I use the same set of diapers for both cos I always double check their neatness before each use! So there’s really nothing that gets me worrying!! 🙂

I feel pretty much content with how its working for both the Things But at times I do find it a bit bulky but then these are way better than those messy disposables!! 🙂

Happy CDing mommies!!


One thought on “Cloth Diaper Series: It’s Baby #2’s Turn!!

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