On Campus..With A Toddler

b It was quarter past 8 this morning and I sat there up in my bed staring at the mirror standing in front of me. Quick-planning the day ahead. With both the Things asleep. And the DH out-of-town for a day.. I did have a few me moments!! 😀

As I’ll be signing up for a course of about 9-10 months.. I had to get some documentation done..! And with the Daddy and the Nana not home.. I had no other choice but to take one of the Things along… and leave the other with the care-giver..and since the Little Thing is too little.. I settled on taking the Big Thing with me.. to the campus!! And that was the ultimate mistake that turned to a sin in just a couple of hours! 🙂

Everything was in control before we were at the Officers’ desk..

After a long wait the Officer arrived..

I had to write a letter to him and the monster in the Big Thing unleashed!!

Thing went on like this…

I start writing down. She runs away somewhere. I bring her back, make her stand by my side.Resume writing and she run away again. I bring her back again. Meanwhile the letter flies off. I bring it back complete the letter and just when I go submit it..the Officer says

The actual in-charge person is late today!!

OK no choice we had to wait.

The Big Thing was hungry and I had skipped breakfast for a glass of milk.. So we went out to eat. We bought ourselves two chicken burgers and she says she wants a pizza!!! Now from where will the pizza come flying?? Italy?!? I convinced her to finish off her burger!

The Big Thing was then thirsty… but then in a hurry I left her sipper back at home and with almost zero cash.. I quick-eyed into my wallet and bought her some water…No! Even water is not available for free here in India..!!

After feeding her we rushed back to the campus and with all that jazz we have been through.. the Actual-in-charge-person arrives and says

I guess theres some problem with the system today.. I will have to ask you to come back again tomorrow!!!

Wow! Now thats just what I wanted to hear!

P.S: All this jazz happened in a span of an hour… But then time flies when in frenzy.


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