It’s Fun-Time!!

y1Last evening while I was busy doing the laundry, the Big Thing comes running with her teddy, the one that sings on being pressed…And says

Momma!! please press it for me, the Big Thing wants to show it to the Daddy!

I press it!! She starts giggling… and runs into the living room… And by the time she reaches her Daddy…the teddy goes quiet…!!!

She runs back to me… I press it again.. She runs away and comes back again with the teddy…! This went on for like 20 long minutes!!

I kept pressing it the each time she was back… and waited for her to say…

Momma!! I’ll go ask Daddy to press it for me!! And will show him how it sings!!

And then finally she came back to me…for the last time… stared at me… quick-smiled and said… I’m gonna show this to Daddy and he’ll press it for me!! 😀 

*Sigh*  Getting back to work… I smiled to myself.. thinking….. the Big Thing is indeed growing into a smart tot!! 

    Happiness also comes even in small packages!! 😀


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