DIY Toy Sailboats!

Just a few weeks before the Little Things arrival… I was flooded with so many ideas of making some super-easy toys for my babies..!!

I thought of quite a few things and after a lot of research I settled on making an absolutely easy sailboat.

OK I confess…I’d never really tried my hand on sewing.. ( I’m a disaster..have always been!! 😦 ) .

But then I came across this project on the internet that was so easy and with enough scarp fabric around I just had to try this out myself!!

What I did was…

  • Gathered some nice fabric.
  • Cut it into the size of my boat..
  • Neatly stitched the fabric together..

That’s all I did!!

And mine looked something like this…!!


(Please ignore the raw seam of the first boat.. the Big Thing ripped it apart when I was gone to bring home the Little Thing!! 🙂

Yeah yeah I know the description is too brief.. You can always visit … cos thats from where I got all my stitching instructions!!

Hope you enjoy making something for your lil ones!!


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