Two Baddest Habits!!


Back then when I was pregnant with the Little Thing people did tell me that life would be soooo different with two kids around! But no one told me that it would also be an absolute mess in itself!

Call it whatever you want to… my luck or my fortune… cos by the God’s grace both of my girls are just sooo different from each other.. The then Big Thing was such a calm little angel baby who would sleep for 16-17 hours a day until she was 3-4 months old…

But now as I see the Little Thing is a real trouble-maker! She’s got this two baddest habits that I hate the most…She wants to rocked through-out the day and late till the night.. and she’s also started sucking her fingers!! EW! No matter how long she’s fed… she always jabs the middle and the ring finger up into her mouth!! (No..that doesn’t mean I hate her or something.. I just love ’em both)

But I guess its high-time to try out how a pacifier would soothe things down a bit. Because to place a pacifier out of the baby’s reach sounds much easier than cutting off the baby’s arm!! Isn’t it?? hehe.. Just Kidding!!

OK now having said all that I should admit that I can actually imagine myself in some serious trouble and the super-difficult-weaning-off-task eagerly waiting for me in the near future!!


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