Avent Straw Cup!

Hello there!! Hope everything is super-fine on your side! 😀

Off late I’ve been thinking of reviewing the baby products I’ve have been using/used so far..!  I’ll try to give you a good number of reasons on to-buy or not-to-buy the product!! 😀

OK now let me tell you that I’ve used purely Philips Avent products right from the newborn feeding bottles to cups to breast-pump ,you name it! I’ve trusted only Avent and Nuby for their quality products.. Nonetheless we’ve used only three to four Nuby products. But unfortunately I’ve been hearing the fact that spare-parts of Philips Avent are not readily available hear in India (Though we never needed any! ).

Anyways I’ll try to review the other products as and when I can!  So.. you mommies out there please be patient enough because blogging with two li’l monsters around is indeed a task in itself!! 🙂

stIn this post I’ll review the Philips Avent Straw Cups that I’ve bought like a month or two ago! ( I did use one for the Big Thing when she was about 6 months+ ). she liked it both the times.

Price: Rs. 395/-

I bought mine from firstcry.com redeeming some discount coupons, I managed to get it for Rs. 320/- something.Straw cups

What I Like :

  • The wide mouth lets me clean it instantly and after each use.
  • The straw is real strong cos its still the same even after those repeated bites by the Big Thing.
  • The lock system is a bit tricky.. your toddler will never be able to open it.
  • The material is also strong enough as it remain its usual-self even after being tossed onto the ground for like 20-30 times.

What I Don’t Like :

  • The straw sometimes comes out/loosely hangs out of the jack.. Ftting it back is quite a problem.
  • The lock system is so difficult that it always pisses the care-giver off!! LOL

My Verdict:

A nice product by a well-trust brand. Almost up to the expectations!

And a must-have if your baby sometimes has temper – tantrums!! LOL

Hope my review comes of use to you mommies and dadas!  🙂

P.S: The review is based on my experience and is not a proven one!

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