To The Lady We Love!

naShe came in as a house-keeper! A major person of our house.. Leaving her family far off, she tried settling down with us! ( I know it’s hard )

Days passed she switched roles without raising her voice..  She went on from being a care-taker to a baby-sitter to a nanny.. and then to a family! 🙂

She got up early each day.. did all the chorus.. tucked everything in places…(Ignore the fact that most of the things would just go missing..) Cos like I just said she tucked everything in places.. places of her wish and convenience  LOL

Anyways, she helped us with the laundry, cleaning, folding, mopping. She did every bit she would do , only to simplify our lives for good.. And five long months fast-forward…. and came the time for her departure!

She was happy and her usual-self but I couldn’t stop those rolling tears , which I quickly wiped off before anybody noticed ( Cos big girls don’t cry in public… Do they?? :D)

But then of course DH doesn’t count in that posse of anybody!! So he caught me weeping as he always does and made big fun of my stupid emotions! Now how would he understand the feeling I had towards that elderly lady! ( After all, it was me whom she helped, not him)

And then she was all set of fly off to her nest but I could feel that intense urge in me to hold her back and never let go off her!

But yes as they say… time and opportunity doesn’t wait for anybody..!! And so she was long gone before I could even realise! 😦

Nevertheless she’s going to stay in our hearts forever and we’ll always remain in owe to her for the amount of gratitude and love she has shown towards us!! 😀

ThankYou The Lady!! 😀 😀

I know your not going to read this any how… But I’ve to admit that….The Big Thing really misses you!! 🙂


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