Nuby Natural Touch Feeding bottles

Hi all.. I’m back with another product review!

In this article I’ll be reviewing the Nuby Natural Touch feeding bottles that I bought for the Little Thing! As you may know I was a full-time stay-at-home momma until last month but now as I’m into a training programme.. At times I do find bottle feeding a bit more convenient!

OK now talking about the product.. The Nuby Natural Nurser Step 2 ( I skipped the Step 1 ) 🙂

ipPrice: Rs 320/-

I bought it from a near-by baby store. You’ll find it in almost every baby-store around you… irrespective of where you live! 🙂

What I Like:

  • The nipple is very amazing and helps in proper latching.
  • The wide mouth makes cleaning and drying easier.
  • The teats are available in various sizes depending on your baby’s age.

What I Don’t Like:

  • The system of fitting the teat into the ring is a bit tricky.
  • It often causes leaks if placed slightly wrong ( spoiling your baby’s new/not-very-new clothes )

My Verdict:

Over-all it’s a good product. Very handy for moms who are both breast and formula-feeding their baby’s!! Nice latch-on encourages bottle-feeding 🙂

My Rating:   4/5

Hope this information helps you! 😀

Tackecare Mommies!! XX

Family Fever

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