Learning Euphoria!

giLast evening.. the Big Thing comes running to me with one of her fingers pointing up in the air and shouts…
……Momma! This is I-nnn-dddiaaaa..!!
Yeah! Very good! 😀
…..where is Ssssommmaliaaaa???!?!
Mommaaaa!!! Ssssomaliaaa where!!?!
Mamma Sssomaaaliaaa ta yan Mamma!! *shouts* *screams* *dances*
By any chance If you didn’t understand what she means… Let me tell you… she’s asking the same question … yes! the same one again!! where’s Sssoomaliaa ?! ( But of course in her baby-talk language ) LOL

Now how will I take her to SSomaliaaaa?!?! In a blink of an eye?!?!?  Ugrrrhhhhh!!

It took me good number to minutes to bring her back into this world!! *Sigh*

Anyways , the aftermath of making her memorise… Names Of The Countries!!

( P.S: She’s now learnt to pronounce.. Lonnndoon!! Korrrreeeea!! Cccchinnaaa!! Yeah that’s how she does it!! LOL )


3 thoughts on “Learning Euphoria!

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    Like I promised in my first post, I’m here to showcase those encouraging moments I had with my kids!! Learn! Learn! Learn! is what this post convey!! Again a reblog from my own blog!! 😀

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