Nuby Flip-It No-Spill Straw Cup

Hey all.. Here’s another product review..

As I mentioned earlier I’ve used Nuby products along with Avent.

Some where between using these we had used this Nuby cup!

So here goes a Nuby product review!20131115-163717.jpg

Price: 260/- approximately

This one also was bought from an online store ( I don’t remember the store’s name though )

What I Like:

  • The wide mouth helps in proper and easy cleaning.
  • Its comes in many attractive and cute colours.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The straw that comes along is too delicate. The Big Thing tore it apart in no-time!
  • The curvy surface of the bottle lets dirt accumulate in it.
  • And yes! the cup can’t be boiled.

My Verdict:
Not amazing but an OK product from the brand Nuby!

My Rating:  3/5

And if you’ve any other views on it then do let me know! Hope this helps! 🙂

Family Fever

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