REFLECTIONS: The Initial Three Months!

20131121-154131.jpgBy the Almighty’s grace , tomorrow the Little Thing will start the fourth month of her life. So I decided to record how she is at this time so I dont forget as I grow old. πŸ™‚

Yeah!! I know its important to keep a check on developments but then being too hung up on hitting the milestones in a certain or specific order might just drive you insane!

I mean you will know it if there is some problem or if something is wrong with your baby. Like for example, shes here peacefully sleeping in her rocker , sucking on her paci and panicing on hearing very odd noice around her. She’s smiling her to self , closing and opening her eyes every now and then. If she was just sleeping in there like a rock with zero movements I would have been worried.

Anyways , The Little Thing loves having people around her. The moment she senses her attender moving away from her she gets cranky. She wants people to talk and interact with her all the time. Here I must confess that she is indeed a very patient listener. LOL

She is now able to hold her head up ( not in THE proper fashion though). It keeps woobling most of the time. She also hates being wet and makes me run like a ninja all around the house with each nappy change.

She likes sleeping on her side and never on her back! And also dislikes being on her tummy and so she absolutely hates her tummy-time. She flaunts her beautiful smile through out the day.. now that she’s able to recognise certain people! πŸ˜€

Co-sleeping is getting difficult and it sometimes scares me. But then I’ve one reason to like it as I eases down the whole night-time feeding process. Cloth diapering is going on pretty much well but we do need to get in a few more CDs. πŸ˜‰

She’s gaining sufficient amount of weight according to her appropriate age! And with a new baby comes huge bunches of new clothes ( And I guess we should try and hurry up a li’l bit before she out-grows them all ) Ohh No!

And of course I should be thanking the Little Thing for accepting her pacis cos it saves us all from her unneseccary fuss! She just loves her new Avent pacis.Yaayy

With each day I’m realising the importance of napping. She is much more better when she has taken long naps. The only thing I hate is that she sometimes naps for like 15-20 minutes or less and gets grumpy later in the day.

Her habit of staying-up all night long has finally stopped. By the God’s grace! Though she is immensely scared of dark and doesn’t let me turn off the lights until shes very much deeply asleep. Her big sissy loves petting her the each time she passes by. And asks me.. baby ta bolle mamma? Which means ..What’s the baby saying? ( In her own language of course) πŸ˜€

On the whole I just love spending time with her. She is so much fun to be with. I’m going to miss this time forever. She is so small yet adorable and of course full of attitude!! πŸ˜€


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