tIt’s 1 30AM and I’ve been like super-busy prepping for the seminar I’m supposed to give tomorrow as a part of my training programme! And meanwhile I felt this intense urge to blog!! ( Only a ‘blogger’ can understand such a i-just-want-to-write-about it kind of a feeling!! :D)

And so naturally this post is just going to be about random thoughts that flash my mind!! 😀

OK now I’m at this stage of my life where I’m not very much bothered about what-date-it-is? or are-any-events-coming-up??

All I’m looking forward to is to see the Big Thing turn 2!! I know she’s getting bigger and bigger and more sensible with each day but as she’s not keeping well these days! She gets cranky every other second! Thanks to the sudden weather change!

By the way it’s my day today, my birthday! No celebrations, no party but of course it doesn’t mean a no to the that unconditional love and support from your family, which is way better than those bashes!

And the weather out here is like super-amazing with a drizzle of rain every now and then!! Oh..How much we love ❤ it! Of course minus the health issues that come along!!

By the way this morning we had this beautifully-spoken-speech-for-ten-minutes kind of a thing by our Head Mistress which we all thought was the proximity of those flooding emotions that crossed her mind before she retires the coming week!

But on a serious note.. I must admit that she has given me one of the best piece of advice by far!! Only a truly genuine mentor can do that!

So may be I’ll write about it in the next post!! OK with this I’ll quickly get back to the work I was doing!! And then catch up with some nice sleep!

Yeah I know these thoughts way too random but then sometimes you just can’t help it !! Isn’t it? 🙂

And Of course thanks for stopping by!!



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