A couple of days back I was reading this post on ‘The Adventures Of Miss Fanny’ (It’s always a pleasure reading her work.. I feel there’s some sort of motherly equation between us!! 🙂 X ) And I then realised that off late I was going through this exact situation!! Yeah! the exact one!

Anyways as far as I’ve known myself, I’ve remained ‘thankful’ and ‘loyal’ to everyone I’ve ever come across… be it my bestie ,my mom, my DH, my neighbour..everyone! ( At least I think so). And so this post may be ‘just-a-li’l-step-forward’ to that!

Wondering why I’m telling all this to you?? YES? Read on!

Well, that’s cos I felt this super-intense urge to thank all my lovely readers out there who keep visiting my blog and read all my silly posts even at times when the blog is not very active!!

The past few days have been extremely hectic for me. And with both the Things down with viral , I’m struggling to keep up with the basics! So I was just thinking to myself as to whether this Blog is worth-it? Can I just give-up posting all of this?? Can’t I just shut the Blog down?? And spare myself ‘off’ this added burden? I mean does all of this make any sense?? I can actually sleep an hour earlier other-wise! Sounds like a better idea? Hmm…

And with some problem in the internet connection… I was forced to stay away from this Blog.. But then when I actually returned today after the connection was restored to us, I was truly amazed at the number of visitors/views my Blog has got in the last couple of days!! Such an over-whelming emotion of gratitude!!

And so here I’m back to fulfil my extreme need to thank all of my readers/visitors for keeping my Blog alive even in my absence!!

Sending a biggg thank you to all of you… my lovely readers!! XX


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