Cloth Diaper Series: New Arrivals

And here they arrive finally after two long months of waiting! This latest set of CDs have been sent in to us by our super-lovely cousin , who also happens to be my SIL! 😀

I had to share these with you all and so I clicked a few pictures of these latest additions to my diaper stash! 🙂

20131203-235255.jpgFlip diaper covers!


(And these are my favourite ones 😀 )


Neatly stacked up..!! Don’t they all look cute together? 😉


That’s how I arranged them up in my diaper stash ( Beside is an up-cycled bin for inserts!)

And below are the Flip diaper covers, Bumgenius inserts and doublers!!


WOW I’m so much in ❤ with my upgraded stash!! 🙂

Hope you enjoy upgrading yours as much as I did!!

Happy Cloth Diapering!! 😀 😀


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