She Makes Us Laugh!

20131210-142446.jpgYes I’m talking about the Big Thing! She’s a true enchantress ,with just one spell she changes our mood for baddest to super-good!! 😀

Last night we went to see her Grandpa who isn’t keeping well these days.. Guess it’s again cos of the weather or probably something as natural. Let’s just keep it simple. A.L.W.A.Y.S.
I mean at least think simple so you save urself from all those troublesome worries ! Point??! 😉

Anyways..coming back to where I had begun… I sat at the end of the bed and touched his feet.. I could feel that intense heat inspite of the fact that we all were freezing at 14 degrees of temperature! Yes! It does get pretty much cold here in Hyderabad around this time almost every year!

And when every one else were doing their needful in soothing and calming her Grandpa down. She rushes into the room wearing a cloth diaper over her head..( I don’t know how she got her hands on it )… And with the elastic strap fitted on her forehead… She asks..

‘Momma! How’s my new hat?’!

‘Yess This is my new hat!!’

‘Yayy!! Newww hattt myy!’ *runs out*

Everyone else in the room breaks into a hearty laughter!! ( Including her Grandpa ).
And her Aunt S kept rofl-ing for half an hour post-this-episode!!

She’s is such an angelic blessing and indeed a super-amazing stressbuster!! 😀


2 thoughts on “She Makes Us Laugh!

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  2. Reblogged this on Mom Says That… and commented:

    This post is about one of the qualities of the Kids that’s super amazing!! And through which we have learnt to a stay happy and composed irrespective of the situation!!
    Get set to read a few more reblogs!! 😀

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