The Home-coming!

Thank you all for your support and prayers…!

Finally the Big Thing’s Grandpa is back home after a week-long stay at the hospital. Imagine how stressful it can’t get! Especially if you are in the patient’s place or the care-takers’!

Needles,medicines,stretchers,masks,gloves,stethoscopes.. all these give their very best shot to try and kill the patient by scaring him straight-away to death, let alone the disease!! Oh God save us!!

Surely he had a very long and quite a stressful week but then all is well that ends well! Right?? Especially when you’ve kids around! So this hectic week will soon vanish from everyone memory! Of course replaced with the lovely moments of the family-time we had spent together! 😀

And especially The Big Thing, she absolutely loves her grandparents! She had these super-lovely ‘Grandpa-babies-moments’ with she going and huging her GP as soon as he stepped inside our nest! Which later ended with a cozy snuggle on the sofa!! Oh how much all Grandpas love their childrens’ children!! 🙂

Anyways thanks again for pouring in all those supportive and strengthening words! They mean a lot!

Sending a huge ‘merci‘ to all my readers and well-wishers!! XX


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