REFLECTIONS: The Fourth Month


I’m gladly back with yet another post  on “REFLECTIONS”!!

The Little Thing is going to be four months old tomorrow!! Feel free to read this post if you want to know what she was like in the last three months !! 😀

Moving on I should admit that her habit of having people around her has still not changed. She wants people to pick her up and rock her to sleep or do what ever they want but just not put her back to where she had been lying!! 😀  And also she’s still a super-patient listener!! She loves it when I tickle her and roars in laughter. DH and I were amazed at the huge volume of her laughter. Cos we still considered her to be ‘the-calm-li’l-innocent’ and ‘I-never-raise-my-voice’ kinda girl!! Stupid WE!! How did we forget the fact that she’s G.R.O.W.I.N.G !! 😀

Anyways, she now hold her head upright and perfectly fine!! Of course ignoring those sudden jerks which happen as rarely!! She still hates being wet but I’m more settled with each nappy change!! So bloody used to it you see!!

She’s started to like her tummy-time but still sleeps on her side every night!! She generally sleeps peacefully through-out the night but at times she’s as awake as an owl and wants to be talk-to. And I’m absolutely not in ‘the talking mood’ in such wee hours!! Sorry Baby!!

Feeding is going on pretty much well and she’s gaining adequate amount of weight!! I’m more settled with the idea of co-sleeping which has been an absolute ‘God-sent’.

Cloth-diapering is also going on fine, it’s just that I get to do the laundry more frequently!! She’s still OK with her pacis but then she does reject ’em once in a while! I just give her one especially in the morning hours when she wants to keep sucking on to  something!! (and that’s after feeding).

What’s new:

She loves reaching out to her toes and tries putting it in her month.

Her naps are pretty long now-a-days which gives me some nice time to catch up with other  things!

Her big sissy’s establishing a much better relation with her!! She no more runs around pinching her li’l sis!! Though she always finds the li’l one’s eyes very attractive or something that she wants to put her fingers in ’em!! This keeps us on toes when ever she’s around the li’l baby!! We just cant ignore the fact that even the Big Thing is not very BIG!!!

The Big Thing wants to pick her up and put her to sleep!! She just lovesss it!! But I somehow try and convince her that she can do so when she grows up a bit!!

Over all are loving our time with the kids and I’m going to soak up all these li’l memories as much as I can cos they are not going to be as li’l for very long!! 🙂

Love you bunches Kiddos!! XX


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