Product Review : EziNapi Cream

20140108-000910.jpgA big hello to all my mommy-readers out there! Hope you and your li’l ones are doing super-fine.

A couple of days back when the Little Thing got these harshEST of the diaper rashes and when this ointment helped us I was sure I was going to share this with my mommy-readers. So here’s a very quick review of the diaper rash cream. This one I’ve been using with both of my babies! On and off both the babies have had their equal share of those harsh diaper rashes!! Though we have been cloth diapering the Little Thing.. I fairly remember how the Big Thing went through all of the R.A.S.H stuff!! Poor girl!

I also remember one night when the Big Thing was  about 10 months old and her rashes got extremely severe and we had to call her paediatrician in the middle of the night who then suggested air-drying her bottom and this amazing Dr.Reddy’s EziNapi which is truly a God-sent. Now I’m glad to be using it with the Little Thing as well !

So if you are having any trouble dealing with those harsh rashes then read on, you’ll not regret!! 🙂

Price: Rs.130/-

Quantity: 50 gms

What I like:

  • Firstly it’s very gentle on skin.
  • It’s eco-friendly and a worthy-buy.
  • Extremely effective on rashes.
  • Almost zero-fragrance.

What I don’t like:

  • You wont find it at every pharmacy.

My Verdict: Over all a best and a pocket-friendly cream! A must-have in your baby utility kit! On top of it it’s super-effective and ultra-gentle!! 🙂


My Rating:  4.5/5

Hope this helps you ease your baby’s discomfort!! Share your views below in the comments!!


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