DIY Hair Clip Holder


In the past few days, the painting that was hanging in our living room started annoying me or rather I was extremely bored of it.

P.S: I had made it once when I thought I was too artistic. LOL . Not that I’m as bad a painter. But then this one somehow became a boring piece !! So I thought of giving it some new clothes and accessories to wear so I would no longer miss my long-gone painting!

And so I re-modelled it into a hair-clip holder for my girls!! (Yeah yeah! I know I’m a bit too genius!! )♥♥

Anyways here’s the tutorial.

What I used:

  • Canvas
  • wrapping paper/fabric
  • ribbons
  • thumbtacks
  • and loads of hair-clips!!

What I did:

  • I wrapped the paper over the canvas.


  • Secured all the four ends with thumbtacks.


  • Lined out the ribbons in the places I wanted them.


  • And then pinned them accordingly on the back of the canvas.


  • Once you do that it should look something like this  ☟ ☟ ☟ ☟
  • 20140128-212402.jpg
  • And I just love the way it turned out!! I can now just grab and pin them up whenever I need!


Quick Tip: You can also use fabric instead of paper. And the bonus about it is that you can change the fabric whenever you want since you wont be gluing it onto the canvas. I used paper cos that was available to me!

Let me know if you’ve made any such thing for organising your kids accessories. I would love to know them!!

✲ ✲ ✲ Happy Crafting!! ✲ ✲ ✲


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