Canvas and crepe paper wall art


Hello readers!! Hope everyone is having a great week!!

Just in case you’ve not yet read my post on crepe paper flower DIY  then make sure you do it now!! It’s so much fun and super-duper easy!!

So here’s what I did with those crepe paper flowers I made the other day!!

If you want to make one…then read on!! 🙂

Things I used:

  • Canvas board
  • masking tape
  • acrylic paints
  • adhesive

What I did:

  • I firstly made a pattern on the canvas using tape.
  • Then painted the whole canvas board.
  • Gently removed the tape.
  • I marked the centre of the board and glued my flower onto it. And that’s all I did!!

Now the twin flowers hang in my living room! (Gotta do something more to rest of the empty wall..!!)

Below is the other one!!


Quick Tip: You can use canvas instead of canvas board. Depends on your preferences.!! 🙂

Hope you enjoy making it yourself!!

Let me know if you’ve any other idea!! I would love to know ’em!!

Take care! 😀


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