Hair Scrunchies tutorial!!


I’ve been thinking of more more and even more ways of using that scrap fabrics which were left from my previous projects and with this one coming in I surely am going to stash it all up!!

This is so easy yet so much fun! I made like 4-5 in less than half an hour! And of course it’s super pocket friendly!!

Here’s my version…

Things I used:

  • fabric
  • 1/4″ elastic band
  • sewing machine
  • safety pin

What I did:

  • I cut out fabric strips of 17-18″ long and 3.5-4″ wide.
  • folded it over( lengthwise) with the right sides facing together and sewed it along it’s open end (also lengthwise).
  • Then I turned it inside out and with a safety pin I put the elastic into it’s long pocket.
  • After I did that, I pulled both the ends of the elastic together and sewed ’em up.
  • Then I tuck one end of the fabric into the other and sewed over it (of course with the elastic in) and that’s it!!

In no time I had handful of such cute scrunchies and the bonus is that I’ll have each one matching with my girls and my outfits!! πŸ˜€

Bye bye store-bought scrunchies!! You suck!!


Photographs for this tutorial shall be uploaded later on (that’s when I make ’em next time) πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “Hair Scrunchies tutorial!!

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