No-sew flowers tutorial


If you’ve been following Hfareen’s Space for quite a while now then you’ll be knowing that I stash up almost everything that I come across and then try to use ’em in some or the other projects that I work on. So this is just an extension of it. And if you’ve missed my post of what I did with the left-over fabrics from other projects then make sure you read Hair Scrunchies and no-sew fabric bows.

Here’s how I made no-sew flowers for our little coffee table!! 😀

Things I used:


  • Round wooden dowels
  • fabric
  • glue

What I did:

  • Firstly I cut long fabric strips of about 17-18″.


  • Pinched the fabric and went on gluing it around the dowel.


  • Ran a  few inches of glue over the fabric and went on pinching until I reached the end of the fabric.
  • Then to finish off the base, I wrap it with a fabric piece thats I slit at one point and glued it so the messy base is no more visible. And that’s about it! 😀


 Sorry no photograph of the base!!

Anyways that’s how my flowers looked!! 🙂 And I’m pretty much happy at the way they turned out for it’s my first-time!! 😀


Quick Tip: Try to use regular glue instead of hot glue so you don’t end up burning your fingers.

Let me know if you’ve any other ideas on the things that should go on a coffee table! I would love to know ’em!! 🙂

Happy Crafting Ladies!! 🙂 🙂


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