Reflections: The Sixth Month!


Half of a year!! Wow!! Alhamdulillah ( meaning ‘praise be to the Lord’!!) 😀 😀 The Little Thing is indeed growing super-fast!!  I think 6 months ago when she was yet to be born the Family and I faced some of the hardest times fearing her health and well-being! And then she happened the very next day and on seeing her tiny cute li’l face we were all so content that she was all healthy and fine. Those hurdles and fears only increased our faith in Him.

Six months fast-forward and she’s such a big girl now!! And yay she’s going into a true-blue momma’s baby.

She still hates being left to herself!! Which means that someone or the other has to be by her side chatting and cuddling with her which again obviously means that she’s always in someone or the others’ lap!!  She just loves to be pampered and petted all the while!! And also she manages to smile a hundred times a day! Sucha happy baby she is!! Her smile lights up the room!!

As days are passing by she’s becoming more and more active which directly or indirectly is making me more and more tired by the end of each day. Yeah I know hardships come along for free with motherhood!! LOL

Moving on she stills loves having visitors and plays with ’em each time someone is home. She’s now pretty much familiar with most of the family members, her favourite being her great grand mom!! She shouts. She coos and shouts louder in her sharp voice if I’m around her and doing something else other than snuggling or talking to her!! She just hates being ignored!! Such an intention seeker she is!!

Her favourite pass-time is to sit up and wobble as much as she can. LOL . She now hates lying in her bed. She still doesn’t like sleeping on her back so she’s most of the time on her sides( whenever she’s asleep). Unlike last month she doesn’t wake me up every other hour late in the night. But her sun rises at 4:30 am so that’s when we have some irritating-and-please-let-me-sleep moments of the day. After staying up for 2-3 or so. She sleeps again at 6-7 am. All this has seriously disturbed our sleep schedules!! The Husband is also wide awake with both of us!! How can you expect anyone to sleep when a baby nearby is shouting, crying and playing…??(and doing everything at the same time!?!)  Oh..Sorry Husband 😛

Anyways feeding is going on well. And the best thing that happened is that..she has now moved out of our bed and peacefully sleeps in her crib!! Thanks for sparing us some space baby 🙂

I’ve stopped giving her pacis now as her tiny teeth have started sprouting!! Just yesterday another came up!! Wow she looks as cute as her sister..just can’t stopping falling in love with her again and again!! And that super-duper cute smile is to die for!! 😀

We have started giving her solids ( Yeah I know it early ) but that’s OK as long as she doesn’t eat more than 1-2 teaspoons!! 🙂

The Big Thing is more settled with her sissy and loves making her laugh!! Both of  ’em laugh together to their fullest and end up in hiccups!! Big sissy no more comes running and punches the baby in her stomach!! ( Yes she did do it many a times). She sometimes feels the urge to sip on the baby’s bottle or wants to taste the baby-food!! And I manage to convince her that it’s not really very tasty. 😉  Noting that she sometimes comes rushing to the li’l one with her favourite cookie and try to jab it into the baby’s mouth!! Aww, my heart melts at their sisterly love!! And surprisingly this evening I noticed both of ’em sharing silent smiles with each other, such an amazing sight!! WOW!! What more would make a mom happy?? 😀

So I’ve to agree that on the whole it’s immense fun bringing ’em up, obviously not without those helping hands at home, who look after my babies when I’m away!! I just can’t think of staying away from both of ’em even for a single day!!

And I know it won’t be long when they will no more walk hand-in-hand with me!!  So I am just trying to savour every moment of their babyhood!! 😀 😀


Love you both!! 😀


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