They Are Growing, TOGETHER!!


Six months ago when the Little Thing was born, her big sister was only 20 months old and the only child in our lives. When I first discovered I was pregnant, more than anything, I worried about the division of that unconditional love and the bond I shared with the Big Thing. I couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to be a mom of two babies!

Now over the last half year, our life has drastically changed, for both good and bad. I have no idea whether the Big Thing remembers how life was like when it was only her. Though now it’s all filled up with her li’l sister and herself!! To watch them both grow together is so much fun yet beautiful!!  The Husband and I feel incredibly blessed as parents!! ( Yeah I’m sure every parent feels that). So let’s just thank the Lord!! :D:D

Moving on to what the Big Thing’s day starts with…it’s with giving a big hug and squeezing up her li’l baby sister. She manages to do all the things that would entertain the baby. And from as soon as the baby learnt to follow people around the room, she has always been enchanted by her big sis.  But this magically connection between the two definitely doesn’t mean that I can ignore how super-unpredictable the Big Thing is. One moment she’s the happiest big sister in the whole world who wants to play and cuddle with the baby sis, a hundred times and then the very next moment is a monster! Anyways we still consider all this juzz to be lovely and fun-filled.

But initially it was a different story.  Around the time when the baby came in, the big one had quite a few issues dealing with the fact that her momma was away in a place with so many rooms, long corridors, beds, medicines, doctors, which always scared her!! And then we brought home this li’l baby who was to stay as close to momma as possible which meant that she could longer run around, play or sleep with her momma, given that she had a major surgery!!

Days passed and she finally settled down with the fact that the baby was here to stay and they both are destined to be together!! She’s now comfortable and understanding that her mommy’s love is going to be equally shared between ’em both!!  I often find it so hilarious when the Big Thing runs to me and suggests me ways to soothe the cranky li’l one. She’s so adorable yet so smart!! LOL

And my heart always melts at her empathy for her baby sis. She’s always there for her when she’s rolling in laughter, when she’s is sitting and wobbling, when she’s playing with her favourite toy!! Running over to the baby, snuggling with her, laughing with her, kissing her everywhere, running away to get a few more toys, kissing again, snuggling once more…and on and on and on..the same cycle goes on every few hours in a day. I’m so smitten with that lovely yet cute smile of her baby sis, who flashes it each time she is entertained by the Big Thing. And also at times the Little Thing suddenly bursts into tears if she finds her big sis crying!! And the very next moment they are both laughing again, together!!! 😀 😀

I’m so surprised at their bonding! The Little Thing can no longer wait to join her big sis!! And the Family is enthusiastically looking forward to see these two beautiful ladies run around in their pyjamas, sneak into some corner of the house and catch up with their own cute stories!! I’m sure it’s only going to get more blissful!!  🙂

Motherhood is a joy indeed!! :D:D


5 thoughts on “They Are Growing, TOGETHER!!

  1. i got just over 12 weeks to go and also worried what my 6 y/o will be like once her brother arrives hehe, me and my husband can only hope it goes well hehe 🙂

  2. I think having children close is age is awesome. Me and my brother share a life long bond (we are 16 months apart). Plus, you are lucky to be able to get pregnant so easily! I am glad it worked out for you. I have a three year old and one year old twins and I love watching them interact and when big brother helps his little sisters. 🙂

    • Wow your story is amazing!! You are doubly blessed, firstly with your brother and now your children! And yes of course I thank the Lord, for having blessed me too!! 😀 😀
      Keep sending in updates!! 😀

  3. Reblogged this on Mom Says That… and commented:

    This has to be one of my favourite posts till date.. I want both/all of my children (future ones included) to know that they were all destined to stay together come what may!! 😀

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