Easy Headband Tutorial for Babies and Toddlers | Do-It-Yourself


In case you haven’t noticed, fabric bows are insanely adorable and very obsessing. I always dreamt of accessorizing my daughter even before I became a mother. But sooner did I realize, they are not just adorable but unbelievably priced too. And being a DIY addict that I am, I just decided to make my own with all material I would find at the nearby store.

And I’m glad I was able to make them. They look difficult in the beginning but once you get the hang of it you can make a huge batch of them in no time. These cute bands just add that extra oomph to almost every outfit.

And if you’ve been following this blog for a while now, then you know that I made a bunch of  no-sew fabric bows and used them up for making hair-clips for little ladies.

And then went on and made a few more bows to make these headbands. I made these in under 20 minutes or so( yes both of them under 20 mintues). And I’m loving them already! 🙂

So here’s what you will need to make your own headbands:

  • Sewing Elastic
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sewing machine
  • Acrylic paint ( optional )

What I did:

  • First, grabbed some sewing elastic of about 17″ and 14″ respectively.( my daughters are aged 2  and 7 months old, respectively. You can choose according to the size of your child’s head.

My elastic was white in colour and I wanted a coloured one, I searched a bit but seems like no store carries coloured sewing elastic so I had to make one on my own to suit my taste. I simply painted the elastic strips in the colour of my choice. I used acrylic colour for it. And they look just the way I wanted.


  • I then grabbed one elastic band and used a lighter to burn both the ends of it so the elastic doesn’t fray.
  • Then I overlapped one end with the other and did a straight stitch. I triple stitched for more strength. ( You can also zig-zag both the together).


  • Later on I wrapped the stitch with a rectangle scrap fabric so that it’s no more visible.


  • I then hot glued the fabric bow onto the rectangle fabric. And there is was!! Beautiful.Simple.Chic ! 😀 😀


I followed the same and made a huge batch of headbands in different colours and prints.

Do let me know in the comments below, how you like it? 🙂


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