Super Easy flowers tutorial


The day when the nesting bug bit me, I was sure my house was going to get some best treatments of it’s life! I’m glad to confess the fact that most of it has been a part of my DIY project, excluding the walls and some heavy-duty furniture of course 😉

Like I’ve mentioned it earlier I have been stashing up glass bottles that came with some edibles. And I also had good amount of parchment/butter paper which I use for baking. So I thought of many some flowers out of it!

And here it goes..

Things I used:

  • Parchment/butter paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • wooden dowels
  • glass bottle

What I did:

  • I drew out the outline of the flower on the butterpaper with a pencil and cut it out.
  • Then I poked a hole in the centre and slid it on the dowel and bent it slightly so it looked like a flower.
  • I repeated the same for the next flower. And put them both together so it looked like Hydrangea of sort!!  And that’s all!! I had these easy and elegant looking flowers in less than 10 minutes!!!

Have you made anything lately?? Comment below I would love to know them!! 😀


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