Things Motherhood Has Taught Me


Motherhood is one of the most beautiful phases in every woman’s life! And mine is no different! It brought so many things in one shot! And taught me a world of things.. all big and small! 🙂 I slipped into motherhood thinking of all those articles I had read on the internet and thought I knew every bit of it. And 27 months back when we had our first, I learnt one of the first parenting lessons of my life…and that’s no mom is a perfect mom and nothing can fully prepare you for motherhood. No book. No article. No magazine. Nothing!

It’s unbelievably hard and time consuming. You’ll cry, you’ll feel like a failure. But you will also laugh more than you ever have, smile for no reason, and be completely, utterly and purely in love. Being a mommy is the biggest blessing God has ever bestowed upon me but it has also introduced me to some of the biggest obstacles I’ve ever faced. I’ve learned so much already and I know the lessons are far from over.

So I decided to jot down the things that motherhood has taught me so far! So that I’m always grateful and reflective!

Here’s my list of things!

  • I have learnt to be patient, patient enough to feed both the kids at the same time, patient enough to do their laundry, our laundry and their CDs all separately, patient enough to change their nappies every other moment, patient while photographing them and so much more on “patience”.
  • I have also learnt so much about the human body and how amazingly it functions.
  • I have learnt to value time.
  • I have learnt to get up in any part of the night only to sit up and rock the baby.
  • I have learnt that as a parent, I will spend the majority of my time fixing things I didn’t break, finding things I didn’t lose, and cleaning up messes that I didn’t make.
  • I have quickly learnt to fall asleep on the couch whichever way its possible.
  • I have learnt that it is pointless to plan or worry too much because plans and babies never work together.
  • I have learnt to quickly slip into a dream and then instantly wake up whilst the baby’s morning cry.
  • I have learnt to multi-task. Like I manage to write while putting the baby to sleep or I can feed the babies, eat my meal and run around to grab the Big Thing at the same time.
  • I have learnt why people like their babies.
  • I have learnt that now there’s nothing like ‘only me’.
  • I have learnt that sneaking out of the house for a quick meal is the best thing!
  • I have learnt to respect and value my mom even more.
  • I have learnt tons of things about pregnancy, babies, delivery, parenting etc but still panic about very other thing.
  • I have learnt be the mom. After all my children need a mom not a friend or a maid because anyone can be their friend but only a mom can be a mom!!
  • Most importantly, I have learnt to be more and more thankful to God each day for having blessed me with so many things!!
  • Finally what learnt is that ‘a perfect mom’ doesn’t exist, so let’s just stop blaming each other.

And every mom should learn the fact that though you are not a perfect mom, you are still an amazing mom and your children won’t remember the way they entered the world, they don’t care if they were breastfed or formula fed, they don’t even have the slightest clue of how many times you get up every time just to put them back to sleep or of how many you’ve messed up. All those little eyes see is the one who holds them, the one who comforts and loves them, the one who is always there to kiss boo boos and wipe tears and make a yummy snack. To them, you are perfect. I still struggle with choices I’ve made as a mother but I’m slowly learning how to let go of the regret.

Finally, motherhood is no competition, it’s a learning experience. So let’s just make mistakes and learn from them!! And try to savour all these beautiful moments before they start slipping off! 😀

Cheers! X



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