Toddler Therapy


Have you ever looked at your ever-active toddler and thought of that any ‘bit’ of action that might help you ease your body pains?? Especially for moms who are dead tired at the end of a super long and a tiring day!! Let’s just assume that there are moms who still have all that energy left in them at the end of each day!!? But then of course me excluded. Anyways coming back to where I had begun.. Does you toddler come and hug you when your about to fall on the floor, drenched in sweat after all those chores?!? Does that drive all the pain away?? Really?? Does it?? Or do you depend on those pain killers? Or does your pain relief spray soothe you then?? Hmm may be all/few of these do bring in some amount of comfort but nothing can beat a massage!! Isn’t it?? Well yes that’s my point!!

So last evening, I went out into the market with my co-sister to grab some ‘crafty’ and some household stuff. With a severe sprain in my lower back, a few hours of work, a few hours of outing, then getting back home and cooking a sumptuous meal for the Family made me feel dead! No I couldn’t move an inch! And my eye-lids were craving for a shutdown.

And then I saw my lovely and still-very-active toddler juggling between her board-books and my iphone! There hit an idea in my head!

I immediately ran and lay flat on my tummy, over the floor, called in the Big Thing and asked her to sit on my back. She was amused at the thought of doing all that jazz which also meant that she’s going to comfort her momma whilst having fun! Wow!! Then for the next 20 minutes I peacefully enjoyed as she read her books throned on my back!! Everything was just fine and soothing until she started getting crazy with it and started jumping on my back! Oh shit! No please !!

I had to shout and yell at her to get off me!! I am no mule! And then God saved me!  Ohh! How did I forget about my recent surgery?? Nooo!!!

And yeah at the end of the session my back ache literally intensified!! Thank you baby! and thank you ‘brain’ for such a brilliant idea!!

So the next time I’ve a severe back pain I better go get help from someone else. And my li’l naughty toddler, you better have fun with your board-books and my iphone!! Love Mom! 😀


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