Reflections: The Seventh Month!


Wow it’s been seven months since we have had our second munchkin and life has got yet another meaning ever since. These seven months have taught we so much as a parent! I can’t believe the Little Thing is growing so fast, and only get more adorable with each day. Every time I look at her I feel the urge to eat up her chubby cheeks. Yeah yeah I won’t mind it. I’m a pure non-vegetarian you see 😉

Here I’ve to confess that she’s still a momma’s girl, she’s the strongest adhesive that I ever came across. I swear. And the Family also agrees to this li’l universal fact!! LOL

The Little Thing has learnt to perfectly sit up ( not on her own). She tries to get up at times but falls back. When made to sit she loves wobbling, wobbling, wobbling and then suddenly falling over again. I made her a tummy-time pillow a few weeks back ( I know it’s too late but I just had to made one cos I loved it and shall soon come up with it’s tutorial). The baby loves her meal-time! She still doesn’t like textured food! So I have started giving her pureed sweet potatoes, carrots. She has out-grown most of her dresses that I bought before she was born, which looked just too over-sized then, but then this is again an amazing sign. She now very well recognises her parents, grand parents and her great granny! She still loves having people around and chilling in their laps. LOL

All of this months, the Husband and I had sleepless nights. She never slept for like 1-2 hours at a stretch. But from past 4-5 days God has started showering His mercy on us that we can now sleep for at least 4 hours in one go, which is amazing!! She now has got two tiny lower teeth, we are waiting for more teeth to spourt in the coming month!!

Feeding is going on pretty much fine and so is cloth-diapering. She’s also started her Commando Crawling and can easily grab anything at fascinates her eye. When she sits up she tries to Bum Scoot which is a delight to watch.

I guess the baby is teaching me so much each day that I feel more and more comfortable being a mom. But no by that I don’t mean that her big sister didn’t do the same. She’s a cranky yet a lovely/strict teacher to me. Like she teaches me how to pile up her books, how to hang her clothes in her closet, how I should hold her while she’s riding her bicycle, how I should wash her sippy cup, where I should put her toys…etc etc.. this old granny can just go on and on!! She’s such an instruction manual !!! I swear and everyone agrees to it!!

The Little Thing loves spending time with her sissy but she’s also dead scared of her at times, I guess that’s cos of her big sissy’s unpredictable mood!! One moment she will hug her and the next moment she will just push her away. LOL. The major part of my day is spent trying to sort things between two. Because both of ’em want the same teddy. Both of  ’em want the iphone. Both of ’em want the same bottle. Both of ’em want the same book. Both of ’em want the same Momma.. Ooops did I just say that!?!?   LOL YEAH

Well yeah that’s how I’m enjoying life with my dolls. It’s always a pleasure having them around. And  I’m so blessed God chose me to be their mommy and watch them grow. 🙂



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