“D” Is For What???


The other day I was asking the Big Little the following questions and was amazed and literally rolled on the floor after listening to what she had to say…

OK. The first question I asked her was….A is for?

Her answer:  “Apple”.

My question: B is for??

Her answer: “Bat”.


My Question: C is for??

Her answer: “Cat”.

My question: D is for??

Her answer: “DIGER”

What “DIGER”?? What on Earth is a “DIGER”?? I exclaimed!!

And then it struck me… ‘D is for Dog’ and ‘T is for Tiger’, and so Dog + Tiger  = DIGER!! Ohhh Shit! LOL

OK moving on..

My next  question: E is for??

Her answer: “F”  …. Yeah even I was surprised!!!… But then actually “E” is for “F” cos that’s how we say it… eefff!! LOL

My Question: What is America’s capital?

Her answer: Beijington. That’s Beijing + Washington = Beijington!! LOL

Children are truly the purest and the most amazing creations of God!! And I’m blissfully blessed!! 😀


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