Things Never To Say To A Pregnant Woman!


The journey of pregnancy is indeed an amazing one, but then there are some people even well-intentioned ones sometimes can say things that upset, scare or just downright annoy moms-to-be. Before you put your foot in your mouth and make a pregnant lady cry, take a look at these things you should never say to someone who’s expecting.

  1. Was it planned? Or did it just happen?
  2. Are you sure you’re not having twins?
  3. You’re planning to breastfeed??  “You should really breastfeed at least for a year”
  4. You are going for a natural birth, RIGHT?”
  5. Are you sure your due date is correct??? “You look like you’re going to have the baby tomorrow”.
  6. How much weight have you gained?
  7. Can I touch your belly?
  8. “Get your sleep now because you definitely won’t be getting any when the baby comes.”
  9. Anything about your horrific labor and delivery (or others you’ve heard about).
  10. “Don’t worry, you’ll lose all the baby weight if you breastfeed”.
  11. “Your hair looks so thick and shiny. It’s all going to fall out after the baby is born, though.”
  12. Will you get back to your work after the baby comes?
  13. Can you even imagine the L&D pain?
  14. Are you really craving pickles and ice cream?
  15. DO you plan to have more kids?

You might be thinking these are things a reasonable person would never say to a pregnant woman about her body, but I’ve heard them all nonetheless.  I’m sure every women gets to hear many such questions and fairly tries to get through all of them. But why bother someone who’s already going ninja with her troubles??

So the next time you see a pregnant woman and start judging the size of her belly, big or small, gal or a guy instead just say, “Congratulations on the baby. You look beautiful.”





2 thoughts on “Things Never To Say To A Pregnant Woman!

    • Seriously!! They should have this included in their special education subject or somewhere else.
      And thank you for appreciating my efforts 😀

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