What’s in my diaper bag? Two Under Two


Many of my mommies to be friends have always questioned me…. Why is your diaper bag so full?? What exactly goes in there? And I simple smile my way and tell them that the “minimalistic-mania” doesn’t really work when you have two kids under two years of age!! Not at least for me!! And I so can’t help it!! 😀

Every mommy has pretty much same yet different stuffs that may have worked for her, so suit yourself cos there’s no rule-book for parenting!!!

Here’s a list of the things that I’ve in my diaper bag:

  1. Diapers: I have been using Huggies Dry while on road. It have worked for us better than any other brands. I carry at least one for two hours.
  2. Wipes: I use Johnson’s Baby Skin Care wipes which are super soft, mild and with no-tear formula. I carry a small pack generally.
  3. Rash cream: We use Mothercare Baby Nappy Cream that’s loaded with castor oil and EziNapi Cream, with it’s pH almost same as that of water. These are such amazing products.
  4. Sleep suit: I always carry one, just in case I need it.
  5. Hand sanitiser: I use Himalaya Pure Hands.
  6. Blanket: Preferably, I use a crochet one that’s 100% cotton, gifted by my lovely aunt!
  7. Feeding bottles and formula: We’ve been using Dr.Brown’s and Avent’s feeding range, so I carry one of each and Nestle Nan Pro Formula
  8. Bibs: I also carry a pair of bibs, which saves me good amount of mess while I’m doing their laundry.
  9. Extra clothes: I also carry a bunch of onesies and pants, just in case they have a blow out.
  10. First Aid: NasoClear infant nasal drops and Otrinoz drops when there’s extreme nose block, bandaid, crocin etc.
  11. Sippy Cups: For both the girls.
  12. Feeding range: Like a bowl, a spoon, a plate etc.
  13. Binkies: Though I’ve stopped giving ’em to the Little Thing, I still carry ’em with me, just in case she get’s too cranky.
  14. Disposable Bags: To keep wet clothes and to dispose soiled diapers!
  15. Carrier: I use Mee Mee Baby Gear which is an awesome product and has come in handy quite often!!

Apart from all these I also have my stuff depending on whether I’m carrying my own bag or not. And the type of clothes I choose to carry depends on the weather conditions.

So what’s in your diaper bag?? Do you always overload it or go minimal with it?? I would love to hear it!! Do write down in the comments section!!

Happy Mommy-ing Ladies!! 😀



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