A Letter To My Daughters


Dear H and M,

If your reading this today, I’m sure you both have grown into two beautiful looking ladies who your smart enough to understand what I’m trying to tell you. I’ve written this for you two to read and cherish the moments your dad and I had with you ! And what we wish for you two!

You are the most priceless gifts I have ever got from God.

The Super Best!

I’ll never forgot the day I found out that I was pregnant with you. I was at the dresser with my face in the mirror just waiting for the result to be positive. The second time I had the Big Thing on my hip while I waited for it.

You both came in when I and your Abi desperately needed someone to fill in those blank spaces we had in our lives.

Both of my pregnancies were pretty much smooth ( don’t want to make you count all the troubles ). With the Big Thing I only relaxed and had all the time in the world but the second time was a sorta hectic as I had to run behind H every other moment. No I’m not complaining.

Your dad and I always wanted to find out whether you were going to be a girl or a boy. But I secretly prayed that both of you should be girls. I always wanted girls.

And since the Indian government doesn’t really support the idea of determining the baby’s sex, I was prepared for any possibility and we shopped for both. But those pretty pink clothes sitting up in the closet always made me think of you.

With you I had the few most precious moments of my life.

I can’t forget the day when I touched you for the first time. Seeing your cute li’l face was probably the moment I have had all my life. Time just flew by and now you are both big girls. I can’t wait for the day I’ll see you girls in your school uniforms and off you both shall go to school or the day when you’ll be all dolled up in your wedding dresses, when you might just not need me anymore!! Will you really not need me?? Or not need both of us?? Your dad and me?? I leave it for you to decide!

But then I want you both to know that I am so lucky to know you. And tuck you both in every night. And see your huge smiles every morning.

I want you to know that being smart, kind and generous are more important than anything else. You don’t need to be pretty or funny or popular or skinny or good at sports. If you are smart and kind and generous – you can hold the entire world in your hands.

I want you to know that if you both or anyone of you two ever start a blog and write things about your kids and mention me just here and there like I write about my mom then I will still love you. And I will call you on the phone and read you comments and be your biggest cheerleader.

I want you both to realise each others companionship and togetherness with fair share of fights and rejoins!

I want you both to always be thankful to God for all that He has given you and also for all things He has not! Cos He knows what’s best for you.

It still feels as if it was only yesterday that you came into this world and it’s true that with every passing day, I will grow older and weaker. A day may come when I will become forgetful. But even then, you both with your beautiful  bright smiles, will light up my heart, our hearts.

  I love you both,

Yours Mamma! xx


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