Philips Avent Manual Breastpump

philBeing a mom is a tough job, imagine the life of women in early ages with no gadgets to help them through their journey of motherhood!! efore settling down with this breastpump I had used another one that broke off mid-way disappointing a super enthusiastic breastfeeding momma. And so I had to do a bit of research and run into a few baby stores to choose one that was not way to much for our pocket.

Price:  I bought it for Rs. 2500/- about one and a half years back. I’m not sure of the exact price now but you can always get it for a bit less if you are buying it online, may be a saving of Rs.400/- or so.

Philips Avent has several different ranges of baby bottles and pumps to choose from, so to distinguish between the Natural range and the other ranges, the box for the Natural range is colour coded in purple.

It comes with a small 4 oz bottle complete with the teat and bottle cover.


 What I like: 

  • it’s very convenient to use, you just need to put the pump onto the breast (strategically positioning thy nipples in the middle opening of the pump) and pump away (make sure there’s adequate pressure on the breast to ensure vacuum so that the breast pump can do its job perfectly).
  • It’s very handy and small, thus making my job easier and you don’t need extra effort to pump. Usually I just pumped for 15 minutes per breast and I got about 40 – 60 ml of milk letdown, which is amazing Alhamdulillah.
  • Dismantling the parts is very easy.
  • Washing and cleaning is also very easy.
  • The screw fits in perfectly in any of the Avent feeding bottles.

What I don’t like:

  • Too many parts can confuse first-time moms.
  • Occupies too much of storage space if you have lost it’s box( the carton that it comes in)

Other than that I don’t really have any complaints but one thing that you should consider before buying it is that you have to be sitting with your back straight (no slouching!) to ensure that milk drops into the bottle (otherwise your milk will be going wherever gravity intended them to). 

My Verdict: Overall I’m quite satisfied with my purchase.So for those who are expecting and thinking about breastfeeding, I’d definitely recommend Philips Avent Natural range breast pumps and bottles

My Rating: 4/5

Which breast pump do you use?? Share it with me I would love to hear your views!

Happy Mom-ing Ladies!

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