Bumberry Cloth Diaper (Giveaway)


In my quest to find some cute yet functional stuff for my kids, I stumbled upon this amazing cloth diaper brand called Bumberry, I’ve also reviewed here be sure to read it.

Bumberry is an amazing brand in general, in fact, they’re so amazing that they are giving away one of these new one-size pocket diapers with one insert to one of you! Woo! It will come in this adorable flowery print pictured here. Sooo, if you want a brand-new fancy cloth diaper for you or a friend with a baby then follow these steps!

  1. Follow the blog.
  2. Like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.
  3. (This is the one you must do!) Leave me a comment below and tell me about the cutie that will be wearing the diaper!

Or you can simply click on the underlined Rafflecopter Link at the end of this post and then follow the instructions.

This giveaway is worth ₹ 800/- approximately.

Remember you don’t need to be a wordpress user to enter this giveaway.

*For Indian readers only.

I’ll randomly choose a winner on Saturday, April 26th. Best of luck to you! And, huge thanks to Bumberry for offering such a good giveaway.

Happy mom-ing Ladies!!

 Rafflecopter giveaway


11 thoughts on “Bumberry Cloth Diaper (Giveaway)

  1. I want to switch to cloth diapers for my 5.5month old princess. This giveaway offer would give me a chance to try the most economical one of the lot.

  2. i was searching the net for info on cloth diapers, and i found your blog… loved all your posts on cloth diapering, also have ordered a few of those online for my little angel…have been using cloth nappies til date, with disposable ones for travel purposes, now planning to use these modern cloth diapers.. also i believe its our responsibility n duty to protect our environment.. disposables r not good for our environment

  3. My darling daughter just completed 2.5 months, a quick grasping and always smiling child she is andloves to pose during her photoshoots:-)
    I recently got introduced to the world of cloth diapers.She is a frequent wetter hence this seems like a good thing to explore and share my experience with other troubled mummas. 🙂
    Just want her to keep smiling and face no wetness issues of regular nappies.When she smiles, , She looks like an angel!! 🙂

  4. My 3.5 MO princess is a cloth diapered baby. Like her mom she loves the comfort and cuteness of the diapers. She is rocking bumberry covers already! Now eager to try the pocket…..

  5. My 3.5 month old princess loves cloth diapers. Like her mother, for their coolness and comfort. She’s rocking the bumberry covers already, now excited to try the pockets

  6. This bumberry cloth diaper would be worn by my almost 2.5 months young second son,till he is toilet trained and then other Cuties when I pass the cloth diapers I have to other new mommies. Wish I knew abt cloth diapers before when my now 6 year old was born. Anyways I believe better late then never.. 🙂

  7. What an offer to come across, especially just when we started CDs !!! My daughter is 10months old. She just loved the soft fluffy fabric of her CDs and feels it all over her face when given a chance. A pretty designed diaper on her cute bum will surely make her more cheerful .
    Go bumberry 🙂

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