End of the session!


I clearly remember reading a gist of Virginia Woolf’s ‘A Room of one’s own’, yeah only the gist because essays appear too dry to me. But I can’t deny the fact that this one did hit my chord some where and I agreed to what she had to say. I ACTUALLY need a room of my own! By ‘room’ I mean a room, li’l peace , some time for myself and of course the INTERNET! 😉 Yeah I know it’s weird but that’s my version of Woolf’s essay, with all due respect to her!

Juggling between work and home is probably the hardest part of it all. And then I’ve a place that truly belongs to me. My B.L..O.G.

Let me tell you that I don’t blog to show people who exciting my life is nor to let them know all the problems I face each day nor do I expect any kind of help for anyone. I write because I want to write and because I like writing. And that’s something I enjoy doing. Not that I’m a George R.R. Martin. I write way too simple for people to understand. Well my style is my style. And I’m glad about it. I really am!

All the more I write so I can record all the happy, good, new, disappointing or what ever stuff goes on in my life. Just so that my grandchildren could read it out to me when my vision goes weak or I could sit with the Husband and enjoy all the li’l moments we had bringing up our kids, while they are too busy, rearing their own.

But too often I hear this question… How do you find so much time? Don’t your kids bother you all the while?? Well  I only smile and nod. Because the answer to that would probably take another 400 words to be described. Well…

Every afternoon I grab the little Thing, go into my room and let the Big one play with her daddy, I slowly close the door. Put the little one to sleep, open my computer and just when I start writing the Big Thing comes running into the room only to say that she and daddy are watching teletubbies together. And obviously her voice is loud enough to wake the baby up and off she runs into the living room. End of the writing session!

Every night I tuck them both in their beds. Turn off the lights. Sneak into a peaceful corner of the room, plugin my earbuds, turn on some beautiful verses and start typing things that have been lingering in my mind all day long, only to realise that the laptop is running out of charge and as I fetch the charger and plug it in. The slightest sound that the charge makes as hit the wall wakes the Little Thing up. End of the writing session!

Every morning I throw clothes in to the laundry, come running down stairs, quickly clean-up the house while both of the kids are happily playing. I monitor them so the Big Thing doesn’t sit on the Little one, she some how finds her to be a toy. And just when I start typing in, I hear there’s a massive blow-out all over the couch. I shut the lid of my lappy, off I run into the living room.   End of the writing session!

And then I have this one silly habit of running back to google each time I find a new word. Which means ‘the google train’ goes on without stopping anywhere. End of the writing session.

I can probably go on and on with the things that always ‘end the writing session’ but I’ll stop here because I gotta run into the next room and check with the Big Thing. She might probably be eating up pages from here books! End of the writing session!

Happy Mom-ing and Blog-ing Ladies!!




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