Pigeon Disposable Breast pads Review


Breast pads are one of the many best things that happened to me after my deliveries. A while ago I review the Mothercare nursing pads that I used, and like I mentioned they ran out of stock too often, so that’s when I used Pigeon in it’s stead.

So here’s my review for you.

Price: 36 pads  for Rs.400/- approximately.

Where I bought: From a baby store in the city.

pigcollage What I like:

  • They are comfortable and soft.
  • They come with two adhesive tapes.
  • They come in silent and easy-to-open wrap, so you don’t wake the baby up in the middle of the night (this one feature indeed helped me a lot).
  • It has got perfect fit.

What I don’t like:

  • The back-lining is not very ‘waterproof’. So there are chances of leakages.
  • Its too pricey for my pocket.

My Verdict: Not a must-buy. but then if you have no other option like me and have a few bucks to spare then go for it. Otherwise 36 pads for Rs. 400/- is just too much. And don’t forget..you will be using two at a time!

Did this review help you?  Or want me to review any other product of your choice?? Write it down in the comments section below.

Happy Mom-ing Ladies!!

My Rating: 3/5


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