We have survived eight months together as parents of two amazing kids. The Little Thing is just a lovely angel with a baby monster inside her. LOL.

This past month has been immensely hectic for everyone, for the baby, the sister, the daddy, the mom, the grandparents and for everyone around us. We had a long stay at the hospital followed by some 5-6 visits to the doctor’s office, which I think is just too ‘hectic’ given that you always have the another child back at home, who is to be taken care off. But thankfully we have an amazing family and wonderful people with us who support us at all times. And obviously it would never have been this easy for us to pull through without Him help, support and blessings.

The baby had to go through many examinations, injections, injections and more injections. And the hardest part is to survive all that jazz and be back home, safe and sound. She has pretty much recovered now.

She’s definitely still the momma’s pet and loves being carried and snuggled all the time. She has now started recognising people better so she refuses to meet new the ones. I guess she’s too scared of it.

She tries her best to get up on her own to sit up but often fails to do so. She kneels down every other moments and loves her commando crawling. She has finally started calling me ( by my profession haha). She just goes on saying ‘maa-maa-maa’ or ‘mum-mum-mum’ every time I’m around her or when ever she wants to be picked up.

Feeding and cloth diapering are going on pretty fine. She loves waving her hand when I say ‘bye-bye’ and she can go on waving like that for ten minutes with out any complain. LOL. She loves staring into her books. And tearing the pages off them is her favourite pastime. I plan to fetch her some activity toys or a bunch of board books this month, so she can peacefully enjoy her evenings, saving me the mess of cleaning a floor scattered with pieces of papers.

Her sister has started loving her even more and she calls her ‘Gummsy’, and I have no clue of what that means. She always want to carry, snuggle, kiss and feed the baby. She also helps me with arranging their toys and books or in fetching me things I can’t find for the baby. She is such a doting big sister.

Time is just flying by and in a few more months we will have a ‘big’ toddler and ‘bigger’ nursery-goer. And I just can’t get enough of both my girls. They are both such talkative little birds. And I’m trying to enjoy and soak up all the memories I can before they both fly out of their nest!




  1. Aah, this is really sweet! I’m sorry that you all had a difficult start but glad that things are better now 🙂

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