Mini Book Haul May 2014


Last evening Husband, the Big Thing and I went out into the market so we could grab some fun stuff for our super enthusiastic toddler and we could find nothing better than books. And that’s what we bought her. Yes! Books! I know it’s naive but then that’s just what makes her happy.

So we got her four lovely board books. As you know we just can’t survive the regular ones.

And here’s what we bought grabbed for her.


  1.  My First Board book of Good Habits.
  2. Animals and their young ones.
  3. Nursery Rhymes.
  4. Animals and their shelters.

We also got her some board puzzles.


So do look forward to a few more children’s books reviews in the coming days!

I know this post makes no-sense to you. And also, it’s not that we want our girls to mug up every single thing from these books. Instead we want her to take time and learn stuff when it’s right for her but for now it’s OK for us, if she is just patient enough to sit with them calmly for a couple of minutes together. And yeah let me record it here so I can tell my girls about the ‘good’ stuff we fetched for them, long after the books are torn in tiny bits and are lying somewhere in the municipality trash or when they have just decomposed and ‘gone’ from this world.

So what are your favourite picks for the month?? Write them down in the comments section below!

Happy Book-ing Mommies!



4 thoughts on “Mini Book Haul May 2014

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