We ❤ you!


Three years ago, around this time, we discovered we were going to have you.

You, our First. The very first addition to our little family.

You gave us the true meaning of realization, discovery and enthusiasm.

You gave me those one-of-a-kind feelings of carrying you, so close to me that I could feel every moment of yours.

You made your papa go crazy-pants noticing you move inside me.

And then one super pleasant day, you made your awesomely grand debut.

You taught us how to hold such a teeny-tiny baby for the first time.

You taught me how to feed, snuggle and comfort a newborn.

You gave us some countless ‘stay-up-with-me-all-the-while’ nights.

You brought in all the happiness and blessings that we always waited for.

We brought you home all wrapped up in our arms, safe and sound. You taught was how to wrap a little baby and welcome her home.

You have so many questions to ask us about every other thing you come across. You taught us to be patient with answering all those never ending ones.

Your papa and I spend hours together snuggling and cuddling  you, laughing and rolling with you every day, and every time we look at each other, we silently realize how blessed we are to have you around. You are a sweet little blessing.

Your cute tiny hands, feet and face taught us to appreciate God and all His amazing bounties and blessing upon us. You are an angel.

You love throwing tantrums and all those ‘I-can-mess-every-thing-up moments’. You taught us how to stay organized and well-planned.

You are hugging your Gummsy one moment and riding on the back the other. You taught us to be strict with you.

And the biggest thing is that you made us, what we are today, what we always wanted be, the parents, of You!

In a months time you will be a nursery-goer. How amazing is that!

I’m pretty sure you will teach us how remain the ‘we-are-always-proud-parents’ at every parents’ meet and at every celebration at school irrespective of your grades.

Or you’ll just let us be parents,  of YOU! And we would never ask for more!!

My Little H,
We you!










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