Mommy Mania

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I like being a mom. I actually love it. I love the fact that I’m a mom to two charismatic little ladies is just too over-whelming. I read a lot of books, magazines, blogs that are of moms, by moms and for moms, which I absolutely love doing. And I’m always looking at other mothers and their perspectives of bring up their lovely kids. I try taking bits of inspirations and learn a thing or too, from each of them. But does that make me look superficial?? Hmm..May be it does.

But do I really care? NO! And let me tell you why!

1) I’m a mom. I completely and fully love the profession I’m into. And I very well know that I’m never going to get paid for getting up with those extra little humans in my bed.

2) I love dressing them up according to my fashion ‘sense’. I love giggling with them at the grocery store. I enjoy strolling with them through the parks. More over I love putting together all my ramblings of thoughts only to make them feel happy and nurtured.

3) Despite what some people have told me, it shows that I pay attention to every little thing that’s related to my children. Clothes, books, shows, outings, foods, toys that I think of, every other moment.

4) I’m happy and self-expressive which is the reason I’m here to tell the world that I really love what I am, a MOM.

5) All the more, it makes me feel super-good and really, do I even need any better reason??

What are some of the reasons you enjoy motherhood? Let me know in the comments section below.

And yeah Happy Mom-ing Ladies!!


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