Reflections: The First Month


If you have been following me for quite sometime now then you must be know that I started a series of posts, merely for recording those awesome baby moments with our second born. And I did a post of the initial three months, which I wanted to split in three different posts, so it completes the series with in a few more months when our baby girl will be a toddler.

This has been sitting in my drafts for quite sometime. And so here it is for you!

Now that we are blessed with another sweet little baby girl. Alhamdulillah (Praise Be to the Lord), we can’t ask him for more. Rarely two beautiful girls is indeed going to be the best yet the toughest part of our lives.

I know its important to keep a check on developments but then being too hung up on hitting the milestones in a certain or specific order might just drive you insane!

I mean you will know it if there is some problem or if something is wrong with your baby. Like for example, shes here peacefully sleeping in her rocker , sucking on her paci and panicking on hearing very odd noice around her. She’s smiling her to self , closing and opening her eyes every now and then. If she was just sleeping in there like a rock with zero movements I would have been worried.

She’s doesn’t really care about the people around her or anything as long as she gets her feeds and nappy change at proper times. She just loves her feeding-time and being nice and snug in momma’s arms but since I am still recovery, I don’t really carry her around the house, the family does it for me, thankfully.

She doesn’t really sleep often. Like she takes a super quick nap for about half and hour or so and that’s it. She all set to make me go crazy-pants again! And I know I can’t complain.

The initial thought of  having a tiny baby sleep by my side again, made me go crazy while I was pregnant. And I think I need a little more time to settle down with it.

She wants to keep sucking on something or the other so I plan to give a pacifier soon enough so she doesn’t become an avid thumb-sucker. We already have one in our family.

The big sister is yet to settle with her baby sissy. She is scared of her and tries every bit to just ignore the baby and pretend as if she’s still the only one! I know it’s going to take time for her but I will gradually learn how to be a good big sister.

On the whole I just love spending time with both of them. They are so much fun to hang out with.  And I know I’m going to miss this time forever. They are both so small yet adorable and of course full of attitude!! 😀



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