Reflections: The Second Month

20140518-191400-69240589.jpgThis second month was not a very easy one to pass-by. The baby is now one month old and pretty much used to the ‘worldy’ environment.

She has gone through quite a lot, and last month she was hospitalized for jaundice for 4-5 days. Poor little girll had to go through loads of tests before coming back home. She is gaining adequate amount of weight and looks quite like a human! LOL

She try to maintain a sleep routine quite often but does not sleep for more than 3-4 hours at a stretch. I just love dressing her up in those cute baby outfits that I got as gifts from my family. Her feeding is going on well right now. And she just loves her bath-time just like her sister. And never ever cries while we are giving her a bath.

She does like sucking on to her fingers, which I hate actually. I have tried giving her a pacifier at times when she just goes out of control. She hates a wet/soiled nappy and so makes me run around the house like a ninja, every time she wants her nappy to be changed.

We are co-sleeping and the cloth diapering is also perfectly working for us. I decide to grab a few more so we have ample for both the girls, as the elder one is still to be potty trained. She has a good share of tummy-time, which I think is just too important for all those growing muscles. But the baby, literally hates it. So the maximum time she’s on her tummy is no more than 3-4 minutes.

The sister is trying to notice that the baby belongs to us and we all ought to love her. She has started caring for her little sissy and loves watching the baby move her tiny hands and feet!

I know, they are both going to grow up soon and will just learn to do things on their own. So until then the Husband and I, as new parents of two are trying to savor all these little awesome memories, so we can treasure them for the years to come!






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