Guest Post: My New and Improved Post-Partum Body

This is the third in the series of the guest posts on my blog. And I’m happy to introduce you to Hilarie of the Positively Panicked. She’s here to share with us the struggles she faced and the efforts she put in to get back that ‘perfect’ body, she always deserved, even after having a baby.

Over to you Hil.


I have always been a fairly healthy and active person. I danced until college, became a certified fitness instructor and taught dance, gymnastics, yoga and movement to kids for six years. Physical fitness is a part of who I am. When I became pregnant I knew, without question, that I would exercise throughout my pregnancy. I’ve done my research. I know how to safely workout while pregnant and I know all the benefits it provides both Mom and baby. The real struggle came once my baby was born.

Because I tried my best to eat (mostly) healthy and workout during my pregnancy I only put on about 32 pounds. Then, thanks to being unexpectedly very sick right after delivery, I lost that 32 pounds in a week during a 10-day hospital stint. That was NOT how I wished to lose the weight. After being so sick I was encouraged to eat basically whatever I wanted. I needed calories to keep up my milk supply and to get my energy back.

Between the pregnancy, delivery, sickness and diet changes and breastfeeding, my body was looking completely different. I am fortunate to have good genes when it comes to weight, so I appeared thin, but I felt soft. I was frumpy in places that used to be firm, my skin was lose where it used to be tight, there were new stretch marks and I just felt off. I felt beautiful, strong and healthy during my entire pregnancy, but the aftermath was completely different. I felt like I was in a stranger’s body.

Once my body healed, my health improved and I got released from my doctor I immediately revamped my daily routines. My Husband and I began Focus T25 by Shuan T and I have incorporated more physical activities into my daily life. We take walks with the stroller, stretch during my daughter’s tummy time and make an effort not to sit in front of the computer or TV too long. One week into my new workout regimen and I was already feeling better and stronger.


My diet also needed tweaking. I do not like to be on a diet, I just try to eat healthy in general. I decided to cut way back on processed foods and to ditch chips altogether (my biggest weakness). It is SO hard to not have any processed food, but it has gotten easier every week. I try to keep nuts, dried fruit, hummus, granola, chopped veggies and fresh fruit on hand. If I do not have these items ready I know I will just grab anything quick and ready-to-eat, which is typically junk. Preparing my snacks ahead of time has really helped. I don’t deprive myself when I am craving chocolate, but I don’t over-indulge either. I can often snack on a dark chocolate bar for five days.


I am almost four months post-partum now and feeling awesome! For the first time since having my baby I feel as beautiful and strong as I did prior to having her and even during my pregnancy. Sure, my body still has a few stretch marks and my skin is not back to normal yet, but I’m proud of my new body. I made a human for goodness sakes! My new body just reminds me of the incredible experience and the strength it took to not only have her, but to get back into fighting shape.

What is most important is that I am healthy, confident and comfortable. I feel great, my skin looks better and I even feel less anxious. I want to remain healthy and happy for not only myself, but for my daughter and hope that she learns some healthy habits from me too. I would encourage all new Mom’s and pregnant women to find a healthy routine that works for them and stick to it; you won’t regret it!

Hilarie is a new mom to a four months old beautiful girl Luna Hazel. Come over to her lovely blog Positively Panicked to know more about her.


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